Getting to know Adam, Prop Factory Director

by Karen - Copy Writer for The Prop Factory

Tuesday 25th February 2020 08:26:15


We like to give you a sneak peek of goings on behind-the-scenes at the Prop Factory. As you'd expect of a director of our company, Adam is a very busy chap, but I managed to catch up with him for a quick chat.

 What's your role at the Prop Factory?

It'd be easier to say what my role isn't. As a director I have to have an overview of the whole business all the time.What's your history with the Prop Factory?

I met [fellow director] Carmen in 2012. She needed some help with her website and then I just carried on working with her - we mostly spent our time building props. I think the first thing we made was the vintage photo wall that we unfortunatley no longer have on our inventory. Eventually I took a chance, quit my job in north Devon and moved to Exeter to work solely with the Prop Factory. We became a limited company in 2013, with both myself and Carmen as directors.Which of your skills do you think are most useful in your job?

Intellect. Humour - you need to keep morale up when you're working in a team. Adaptability. I've done every job in the company so when I see a problem I like to get on and solve it. Practically, I completed a welding course last year, which is very useful for prop building, but I'm still a beginner really.Do you have creative skills? How do you use them in your spare time?

I've always been very interested in film making. I do that when I'm not working, but very slowly. It's a thing that takes a long time.What was your background before the Prop Factory?

I have a degree in Graphic Communication. Before quitting to go full time with the Prop Factory I worked as a designer for a company making high-vis work wear.We're making a lot of new props at the moment. Which are you most looking forward to seeing?

I really like our circus stools because they are so well designed. Their trapezoid shape makes them really strong, but also stackable which is a huge consideration for storage and for transportation - space is always at a premium for a company with as much stock as ours. We have a popular set of these painted in red and white triangles and are just finishing building a brand new set in red and yellow.Do you have a favourite prop? 

Our sugar skull peep board that's inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead. It's just really classy and well painted. It's a bit under-appreciated, I feel.What would be your dream prop?

It's not something that we'd be likely to make, but a giant helicopter. Just because helicopters are cool.Describe an average day in the office

Lots of financial reconciling. A bit of office banter. I'm told I often seem to be grumpy, but really I'm not.

Do you have any pets?

Winston, my cat. He's my world, although he's changing a bit at the moment. We have a new baby (Arlo, who is also my world) so he's finding his new place in the family.How do you take your tea?

Well brewed with a terracotta finish. Not to be confused with coffee or a coffee spoon used to stir!What's your favourite day of the week?

Thursday, because that Friday feeling is already bubbling up.

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