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How to Get a Quote

The best and easiest way to get a quotation is to use the basket system on the ‘Items’ section of the website. Once you have selected the items you like, if you go through the basket system process, it will then check the availability on the date you require them and show you the cost for the props. If you require delivery, submit the enquiry through to us and we will send you a quotation with the delivery cost calculated. If you are collecting, your full price is shown; just submit through to us to receive an official quotation and further information on how to proceed with the booking.

Delivery Information

Areas we cover:

Areas we cover

The minimum hire value to qualify for delivery is £300.

Please note that in almost all situations where a quotation is sought, we will refer you back to the website first of all to make a basket enquiry, as it’s the easiest way for us to obtain all the information we need for a quotation.

We receive lots of emails from customers asking what the delivery costs are to their venue. However, our delivery costs are on a sliding scale based on your hire value, so without knowing how much you’re planning to spend on our props, we can’t give a delivery cost.

We understand that sometimes it’s frustrating not knowing the delivery cost from the start, but we answer all requests for a quotation within one working day, so we will let you know the cost as soon as possible. If you’re not entirely decided on your props yet, the delivery costs reduce with every £100 more you spend on hire, so just submit what you think will be your general hire value (within £100) and we can give you an idea of the cost of delivery.

Example Delivery pricing based on a common hire value between £700 and £800:

0-30 miles from EX2 8NY to venue:    FREE
60    miles from EX2 8NY to venue:    £84.00
100  miles from EX2 8NY to venue:    £196.00
150  miles from EX2 8NY to venue:    £336.00
200  miles from EX2 8NY to venue:    £476.00
300  miles from EX2 8NY to venue:    £756.00

This table is for example purposes only and delivery charges are calculated by using the exact number of miles from EX2 8NY to your venue and the value of your hire. Therefore your delivery charge will be less or more than the above example dependent on your value of hire being higher or lower than the £700 - £800 example.

If you’re having trouble with the site, or need any further help than the website can give, please do get in touch.

See more information on delivery and the hire process in our T&Cs.

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