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Circus Arch

Featured as a focal point in London 2017 fashion week


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Set-up Dimensions
Depth: 244cm
Width: 80cm
Height: 257cm

*Up to 4 days hire
*UK wide delivery available. Minimum hire charges apply

Roll Up, Roll Up and hire an exemplary piece showcasing our prop making skills! Combining simple details with bright colours, this prop was originally made as the result of our love for all things circus.  Creating this fine specimen from sustainable wood and using hand tools for the perfect finish has ensured he is built to last. Bringing a touch of theatre to your event, it’s safe to say this is the ideal prop for a circus themed party or why not make sure every nook and cranny is well-dressed by using this arch to simply hide any unsightly features within your venue?

Being a company who prides themselves on playing around with the norm, this arch has been created to show an alternative take on traditional circus colours as deep reds and lemon yellows have been selected rather than settling for bright red and yellow. Our paint colours were also selected from various coloured paints we had left over from other projects to limit wastage.   The font has been painstakingly hand-painted on 3D letter decals in a sky blue with cute little orange dots and a deep red shadow. The stars on the arch and legs are also relief wooden decals. Oval gold feet (or 'big flap feet' as we affectionately call them!) help make the arch stable.

Firm believers in ‘waste-not-want-not’, the curtains have been salvaged from silk lining left over from the creation of other props; these are weighted down by heavier fabric sewn on to the bottom to provide extra strength.  From floor to the point of the arch the height is 257cm and the arch arrives in 5 parts plus the curtain.  Please be aware that set up requires a minimum of 2 people.  It also has 2 weights, which are placed on the feet for additional safety.  While this is a free-standing item and can be used almost anywhere, we could not recommend this prop being placed over uneven ground.

This much-loved prop has been used all over the country and has starred at a range of prestigious events including London Fashion Week, Summer events for The Royal Academy of Arts and has also proved extremely popular at a New Years Eve parties.

The surface decoration is our trademark stars and diamonds and - as you can see from our other props - we have a lot of love for these shapes!  Check out our crazy mirrors, circus bars and fairground candy signs for more playful diamond patterns.  We love all things vintage circus and never tire of growing our range of props for this theme. For more items to inspire creating the perfect vintage circus look click here.  Don’t forget to check out our circus podiums to add that extra pizazz to your event!