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Picnic Basket (Assorted)

Various designs, all similar sizes


£7.00 (ex VAT)*
£8.40 (inc VAT)*

Quantity Available: 10

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Set-up Dimensions
Depth: 46cm
Width: 31cm
Height: 20cm

*Up to 4 days hire
*UK wide delivery available. Minimum hire charges apply

This item will be FOR SALE in September 2021. To enquire about purchasing this item, please email sales@propfactory.co.uk. In the meantime, this item is still available to hire.

Fancy a bit of alfresco at your event? Apparently we have been ‘elegantly dining outside’ since the middle ages, which just goes to show that these picnic baskets are here to stand the test of time!

Perhaps you have always dreamed of organising a larger outdoor event for family, friends or work colleagues, but only own one or two picnic baskets between you…fear not: with our availability you can hire the rest in! These props are perfect for festival wedding vibes and elegant country wedding vibes alike; excite your guests by packing them off with a picnic or use as a place to collect cards.  Feel free to pile high if you’re a foodie exhibiting at a trade show as nothing says humble summer grub like a 7ft tower of vintage picnic baskets – needless to say securing them together is advisable!

Our collection offers you an assortment of picnic baskets of a comparable vintage style to wow your guests.  While clients don’t have the option to choose which one gets hired, all of our baskets are of a similar condition and size.  When ordering, please be aware that each price is for hiring one picnic basket.  Half of our stock features a whimsical, timeless fabric lining, normally blue, green or red gingham, to add that special touch to your event.  Because these items are so well-loved and well-used, the odd basket does have a broken latch; however, all hinges work and the inside is empty and ready to fill with delicious and mouth-watering treats!

These are our longest standing prop to hire, and although the baskets themselves might have been replaced over the years, the idea is one of our originals; after all, who can resist the fairytale magic of dining in the Great Outdoors?

Not only do we have a standard picnic baskets, but we also hire a giant hamper too! These can be great if more bulky items are required or even as a place to put blankets for guests to cosy up and sit on.  Talking of blankets, you can hire them too or for a bit more luxury try our knitted cushions! We also have fake straw bales to provide more rustic charm for your event.