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Doily Bunting - White

Made from recycled doilies that took us AGES to collect!


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Set-up Dimensions
Depth: 1cm
Width: 500cm
Height: 25cm

*Up to 4 days hire
*UK wide delivery available. Minimum hire charges apply

Bringing a much-loved product of the bygone era into the spotlight again, this bunting has taken years – literally, years – to create!  These cotton and crocheted doilies have spent their former lives sitting under teacups, sandwich plates and cake stands and have now been reimagined to add that extra something special to your festivities.  In fact, it makes the mind wonder about all the pleasant little moments these delicately made marvels of British tradition have witnessed in years gone by. 

An impressive 40 metres of bunting has been created for you to decorate until your heart’s content, whether it be for a dainty walkway to lead you to your soulmate or celebrating all things good ol’Blighty with a traditional afternoon tea event – the choice is yours!

Each hire price is for bunting 5m in length and is comprised of an eclectic mix of doily shapes and styles, all in whites and off white shades, attached to off white binding.  Be aware: as our bunting has been made over a period of quite a few years, the binding has slightly changed from ivory cotton binding to light bisque canvas binding.  This perhaps seems hardly worth noting, but for someone looking for perfect whites we thought it important to mention!  While most doilies have been cut in half to create the iconic bunting look, there is the odd one which has been cut into two thirds due to its size. Please feel free to can hang our doily bunting up by tying the ends; we are even happy for you to use pins, but please do not cut!  If you are unable to attach bunting to the walls at your venue then why not hire our bunting poles?  A perfect answer to those tricky bunting-hanging situations, our bunting poles are freestanding 2.4m poles with hooks on the top to attach bunting to. We also understand the drama that turbulent British weather can cause and so be reassured: our doily bunting is also fine to go outside in seasons! 

We also have a coloured version of this bunting, which is even harder to produce as there are so little coloured dollies out there but it’s safe to say, these two sets look mighty fine together!  Or, if you are after a similar colour not style, then we have our white and cream ribbon bunting to suit your needs. Don’t forget to check our bunting doily page every once in a while as we continue to increase our stock.