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Rococo Dressing Table Mirror Chalkboard

Made from a recycled dressing table!


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Set-up Dimensions
Depth: 25cm
Width: 80cm
Height: 68cm

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This rather grand and ornate wooden-framed chalkboard is something of a classic. It was upcycled from a dressing table mirror and has been given a second lease of life. Like all our vintage items, the worn paintwork and roughness around the scrolling is part of the appeal. Not being brand new, you shouldn’t expect perfect paintwork on this item. 

When assembled, the chalkboard measures a grand 80cm wide by 68cm high. The middle, largest chalkboard has a writable area of 33cm wide by 47cm high. The two smaller side boards have writable areas of 28cm wide by 47cm high. Chalk is not provided.

The freestanding mirror is hinged, so the wings should be angled forward for balance. It is weatherproof and is happy inside or out, but is likely to blow over in windy conditions.