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Buzz Wire

Battery operated, no power required


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Set-up Dimensions
Depth: 56cm
Width: 102cm
Height: 144cm

*Up to 4 days hire
*UK wide delivery available. Minimum hire charges apply

Come and test your hand-eye coordination with our totally addictive buzz wire game of skill! One of our most popular and original games, from our traditional fairground range, this is sure to raise the competitive edge at weddings, parties or fundraisers alike. 

Holding the metal loop you’ll need to work your way around the monster finger shaped circuit, but without touching it, if you do it’ll buzz and that’s it, you’re out! Think it sounds easy? We’ll offer you a refund for this item if all your guests can complete it without buzzing – we’ll need video evidence and you to tag us on social media to prove it.  The buzz mechanism has been significantly improved since we made our first version, so even the lightest of touches will set it off. 

Suitable for adults and children our nostalgic wire loop game is a medium skill level and is best used on flat ground. Think things will get dangerous? It’ll only be from your guests becoming too competitive, the game is battery powered so safe for use indoors or outdoors (not in the rain). Want to really get the competition going? Why not hire two and race the identical circuit, and hire our leader board to record time trials too! 

The wooden, custom shaped piece with chamfered legs is hand painted using traditional techniques in classic circus colours. If you want to make a real feature of the piece, the detachable legs can be removed and the game placed on one of our circus stalls (you may need some blutack or similar to secure them).  The game packs flat for easy transportation and for manoeuvring around your venue. 

This games books up really quickly, especially in the summer, and goes really well with our striker game, vintage coconut shy and other traditional vintage fairground games.