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FOR SALE Tin Can Alley

Cans and beanbags provided


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Set-up Dimensions
Depth: 89cm
Width: 108cm
Height: 195cm

Traditional fairground games have always been a passion of ours and are perennially popular to hire. This stand up booth style game has been fashioned in-house in bright hues with a gold background and red and marine blue decoration. The hand painted sign is designed in a scroll style with a yellow background and nostalgic fairground lettering.

Fully assembled the stand measures 89cm deep by 108cm wide by 195cm tall. It handily arrives flat packed and needs no tools for assembly. The hinged base simply folds out and holds the upright poles in place. The game is freestanding and requires a flat standing area for stability. It is weatherproof so you can continue the fun come rain or shine.

For transportation purposes, the base when folded, measures 14cm deep by 108cm wide by 90cm tall. The two side poles measure 195cm tall. 

Price includes the game stand, six tin cans and three bean bags. 

For a simpler version of this game see our Floor Tin Can Alley.