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Edwardian Carpet Deckchair

Doing well for its (estimated!) age.


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Set-up Dimensions
Depth: 57cm
Width: 51cm
Height: 103cm

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This deckchair measures 57cm by 51cm by 103cm when set up and folds neatly away to just 2cm by 52cm by 92cm for complete ease of storage and transportation. The carpet pattern is somewhat mutedly abstract, displaying plant-like shapes in a spectrum of reds with blue grey tones. The well-made, completely wooden frame, with pretty decorative scrolling at the top, has definitely seen a lifetime of use. It is, however, a sturdy little creature, but surprisingly lightweight.


This little curiosity was purchased on a whim from a house clearance when collecting the cupboard that became the Charcoal Cures and Remedies Cupboard.

Not a great deal can be discovered about this type of deckchair. It seems to be an early version of the modern deckchair as we know it today, but instead of canvas or cotton it uses a lightweight carpet fabric for its seat. The wood appears to be oak, so it is assumed to have been produced in an era when fine furniture made to last a lifetime was in its glory. There are a small number of illustrations of chairs similar to this in both Victorian and Edwardian literature. This musing could be wandering up entirely the wrong path and it could turn out to be a 70s throw back, but Edwardian is a fairly well reasoned guess.


This is hard one to pitch alongside our other props. Despite its seaside related name it would look out of place with other seaside props. Perhaps also too it might look odd alongside our vintage sofas. Maybe it is the type of thing Mary Poppins might produce from her carpet bag, alongside her hat stand. This is more of a set design prop, or stand alone photo prop.