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Tall Cactus Tree


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Set-up Dimensions
Depth: 20cm
Width: 30cm
Height: 160cm

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This item will be FOR SALE in May 2021. To enquire about purchasing this item, please email sales@propfactory.co.uk. In the meantime, this item is still available to hire.

Ever since explorers travelled to the New World, exotic plants have been a symbol of wealth and sophistication. Many of our artificial plants are of the varieties that were brought back to the UK by these travellers.

Cacti were collected and prized for their exotic provenance and were a popular Victorian hothouse resident. Native to the USA, they perfectly conjure up the dusty wastelands of the classic Western movies and so would look right at home among our wild west themed props. 

Our cactus tree stands at a grand 160cm tall. It may look like a prickly customer, but it's a bit of a softy really - the surprisingly realistic prickles are fuzzy and safe to touch. 

We have a growing range of artificial plants, but we’re very fussy when it comes to fake foliage - certainly not every plant we see passes muster and makes it into our collection.

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