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Circus Coloured Pole for Bunting/Festoon

2.4m tall with weighted boxes. Bunting not included


£20.00 (ex VAT)*
£24.00 (inc VAT)*

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Set-up Dimensions
Depth: 40cm
Width: 40cm
Height: 240cm

*Up to 4 days hire
*UK wide delivery available. Minimum hire charges apply

Our bright and cheerful circus poles are a simple but ideal solution for freestanding bunting or lights. These deep purple and ochre yellow spiralled wooden poles are each set in their own heavy duty wooden box. Each has a metal hook at the top so you can hang bunting, ribbons, fairy lights, or paper chains wherever you want them. Make an archway or walkway with bright coloured bunting, mark out a wedding aisle or decorate the perimeter of an area full of funfair games. 

The bases are a rustic wooden weighted planter painted in complementary shades that the pole simply fits into. They are are detachable for ease of transportation and can be used inside or out. Each pole stands 240cm tall. Bases measure 40cm by 40cm. 

If circus colours don't suit your theme, we have poles in a shabby cream and white and rustic wood. We also have a taller central pole, so you can fan out your bunting from a central point, maypole style. 

Use your own bunting or decorations, or hire ours – we have everything from brightly coloured festival ribbons to crocheted retro triangles. See our collection of bunting here

PLEASE NOTE: If you are hanging festoon lighting, these poles are only suitable to go around the perimeter and not above where people will be walking, as the weight of the festoon will make them too low. Bunting however is fine to hang over walkways. Do not use poles over 5m apart, 2m for lighting. We do not provide festoon lighting.

Price is for one pole and weighted base. Bunting is available to hire separately.