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Towering Oriental Gold Bird Cage


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Set-up Dimensions
Depth: 60cm
Width: 60cm
Height: 160cm

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This exotic item is a real feast for the eyes. From the twisted wire bars to the elaborate detailing of the decoration, it truly is a thing of beauty, reminiscent of a mini pagoda. 

Completely made of metal, and in practically perfect condition, this lovely thing has excellent plumage. It manages to be sturdy yet still remain graceful with romantic detailing of Chinese figures and pink flowers on green foliage. There is a theatrical feel to the upper layers of decoration of delicately painted pink cords and tassels, reminiscent of theatre curtains. You could quite imagine it gracing the property of a Victorian collector or merchant, home from a trip to a far-flung continent. 

This is a sizeable floor-standing item, measuring a lofty 160cm tall with a diameter of 60cm. It is perhaps more decorative than practical, as it is constructed as one solid piece and the base is not removable.  This means that anything you might choose to place inside would need to fit through the door, which measures 27cm high by 18cm wide. The cage interior also features a fixed horizontal bar supporting two shallow food and water bowls. The height from the floor to the base of the cage is 48cm.

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