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Huge Brass Ornamental Teapot


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Set-up Dimensions
Depth: 40cm
Width: 46cm
Height: 127cm

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An oversized ornamental teapot of the type you might expect a genie to appear from - although the pretty all over punched out detailing might make it a draughty home! This very fine thing has a very elegant demeanour with a satisfying scroll-shaping to the handle and a beautifully straight spout that just tips over at the very end. 

The base of the teapot is open so you could add electric nightlights (not provided) for a pretty illuminated prop. The stand, whilst not original to the pot, is it's ideal companion. Together they stand at 127cm tall. The teapot alone is 80cm tall. Being brass, this unique prop buffs up to have a very lovely sheen - who knows, if you polish it enough, you might even get your three wishes!