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Orangery Shelf Trio

A little tiny teeny bit rickety but a fine thing none the less


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Set-up Dimensions
Depth: 33cm
Width: 33cm
Height: 72cm

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This item will be FOR SALE in May 2021. To enquire about purchasing this item, please email sales@propfactory.co.uk. In the meantime, this item is still available to hire.

Lightweight and elegant, without due care this shelf could fly away with a sneeze. Clean and tidy but plagued with unrelenting microscopic dust nestling in the crevices of the ornate metal.


The three shelves are joined together in vertical harmony with the surface area of each shelf being 25cm x25cm. The distance between two lower shelves is 24cm and there are 27cm between the two upper shelves. In its entirety it measures 33cm x 33cm x 72cm. Made from lightweight metal, cable tying this prop to another prop will get you round any concerns of it taking a tumble.


A suspected plant stand, hence its name, the Orangery Shelf Trio is a nod towards the Georgian Orangeries of times gone by. Regardless of its origin, it could also very well be a stand for a grand  afternoon tea. It was purchased from one of our regular haunts, a sizeable antiques store in Frome. Spotting shyly hiding in a corner at the final whip around the store, it very nearly didn’t make it home. Since then it  has been restored to its former glory, although the intricate detail of the metal remains enhanced by extra shading where the dust of time has settled into its dips and bumps


Two looks spring to mind that this novelty could enhance. Firstly, old-fashioned botanical notes can be captured by this fine thing. Have a browse of our artificial plant collection here. Along these lines we also have a few similar pieces such as the English Country Garden Sweet Stand - also originally an actual plant stand - White Cast Iron Garden Stool and our Ornate White Stand with Strawberry Detail. Secondly, if organising a high tea celebration, you can bring  this stand together with our vintage high tea props.