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Small Triangle Drawers


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Set-up Dimensions
Depth: 13cm
Width: 30cm
Height: 45cm

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A small and simple piece with working drawers. This is notable to say as not all of our items of furniture with drawers are actually functional. Measuring 13cm by 30cm (at the base) by 45cm high, this triangle-shaped solid wood cabinet will sit happily on a table or perhaps atop a desk. Whilst the drawers are not quite large enough to hold papers, the bottom-most would happily accommodate a fair-sized apple and a handful of grapes, The top drawer – at its narrowest a tiny 9cm by 5cm by 6cm – would hold a handful of sweet treats.


Acquired from a private dealer, these little drawers spent some years sitting in a ‘to be painted’ pile, before it was decided not to. The wood might be on the orange side of brown, but not enough to be a 70s cast out. What these drawers lack in surface decoration they certainly make up for in shape. There are some terrible pyramid drawers out there, lacking esteem with their soft wood and rudimentary carving - you know the ones, namely 90’s CD cabinets! Suffice to say these are not they.


Harry Potter is a growing theme amidst our eclectic assortment of items and most definitely springs to mind when studying these drawers. Explore our Harry Potter and magical props here. Akin to Master Potter is our array of apothecary props - a much-loved theme that these drawers will fit right into. See more apothecary spectacles here.