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FOR SALE Art Class Table

Called art class table as the legs have come from tables in a Devon school art department. Authentic scribblings cover the legs - we have removed any obscenities


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Set-up Dimensions
Depth: 72cm
Width: 103cm
Height: 76cm

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This table is so named for the Devon school art department where the most part of this table originated. If you look carefully, you can still see the schooldays graffiti etched into the wood. We fashioned a new table top in house from salvaged wood in a fancy diamond design. 

All of our tables are individual and these have certainly seen a bit of life before coming into our possession. We think the bumps and scrapes that come with this only add to the character of this lovely thing. 

The table stands at 76cm high and the table top measures 72cm deep by 103cm wide. The legs are detachable and assemble with the aid of a bolt and wingnut - no tools are required. 

Our tables are weatherproof, so equally happy to be used inside or out.

We also have a very similar table with a herringbone pattern top here.