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Drinks Globe Table

Made from an old drinks globe and recycled into a table


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Set-up Dimensions
Depth: 72cm
Width: 72cm
Height: 62cm

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This fine thing started life as a globe bar that opens up to hold your wine or spirits and glasses, but we've removed the top half of the world to turn it into a low table. The lower half design features replica ancient nautical maps and the shelf beneath has a decorative compass design. We've inset the table top with a plain dark wood, but the border, featuring the zodiac signs, remains. 

All of our tables are individual and most of them have seen a bit of life before coming into our possession. Not being brand new, you shouldn't expect them to be in as-new condition. You'll likely see a few bumps and scrapes, particularly to the rather fine thick twisted wooden legs, but we feel this is in keeping with the vintage of this rather fabulous prop. 

Our globe bar stands at 62cm tall with a diameter of 72cm - the perfect size to use as an occasional table alongside our leather chesterfield sofas. 

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