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Chicken Foot Table


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Set-up Dimensions
Depth: 40cm
Width: 40cm
Height: 75cm

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This quirky reclaimed side table measures 40cm deep by 40 cm wide by 75cm high. The roughly varnished tabletop measures 26cm square, with cut away corners, studded around the edges with time-aged domed rivets. This is not a highly polished elegant drawing room piece, but has a more work-a-day feel with the turned wood column and legs putting its provenance, rather aptly considering its recent feathery makeover, in a farmhouse kitchen. This piece really shows off our love of bringing together wood with bits and pieces from our haberdashery hoard.


This is a shining example of the design process re-engineered. Never would we set out to make a chicken foot table and then source the materials. Rather we picked up this table at a local salvage store and thought about what it could be. Some might say, mainly the logistics manager, that we have too many tiny tables. This is a pretty unique tiny table that looked a little like a chicken foot and now looks a little more like a chicken foot. The feathers are recycled from feather boas and dusters. From chicken to household products and now back on a chicken again - albeit a giant wooden chicken leg.


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