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MR & MRS Topiary Letters

MRS & MRS available for the same price


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Set-up Dimensions
Depth: 34cm
Width: 500cm
Height: 140cm

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Fashioned in the same style as our individual topiary letters and numbers, this grand sign really is a cut above the rest. No clipping is required, however, it’s all entirely artificial.

It’s only right to point out that all our topiary is fabricated in our very own workshop. It does such a great job of impersonating the real thing that we do get a fair number of enquiries asking. We start with a plain wooden character and cover it all over in a high-quality flexible hedge mesh that is so lush and dense there is no danger of the wood showing through, front or back.

The characters are beautiful when unadorned, or you can decorate them to suit your theme. Flower stems or lollipop sticks are easily poked into the hedge weave, and fairy lights are simple to attach (not supplied). Just remember to return them to their former glory before they arrive home to us.

They are completely freestanding, each needs to be firmly planted into its sturdy white wooden base. It’s not tricky, they simply slot right in.

Each individual character measures approximately 100cm tall by 80 cm wide by 10cm deep, although the width varies between individual characters. The entire length of the word depends on your preferred spacing, but we think it looks great at approximately 500cm long, as shown in our images. The wooden planter bases measure 34cm square by 40cm high, giving each assembled letter and base an overall height of 140cm.

All our topiary items are completely weatherproof and equally happy inside or out whatever the weather. Due to their size, however, you would need to be careful in strong winds.

Price is for the whole word (six characters), complete with bases.