Pay over the phone or by credit card for services wherever you can. Bank transfers have the least protection for getting your money back should something happen.

Look for online ratings – but be wary if they were all added in a similar time frame.

If you are suspicious a product or image isn’t theirs – ‘Google image search’ it.

Check their public liability insurance. All wedding and event businesses should have this.

Be wary if the price seems ‘too good to be true’. Businesses who offer rock bottom prices find themselves over-worked and under-resourced.

Get all quotes and invoices in writing with a complete breakdown of services.

Remember that ‘recommended suppliers’ could have paid to be on a blog, suppliers list, website or in a magazine.

Be wary of suppliers without websites and/or social media.

Check the status of the business. Registered limited companies are a lot more regulated than sole traders.

Follow your suppliers on Facebook – its very reassuring (and exciting!) to see them posting photos of weddings in the run-up to yours!