If your ceremony is between 11 and 2 remind your guests to eat prior to arriving. It’s surprising how many won’t! From doing catering at venues I have had to shoo away hungry guests on the hunt for food. On this note it is worth putting up an ‘Itinerary’ or ‘Order of the Day’ somewhere otherwise you’ll hear whispers of ‘do you know when food is?’ echoing around.

Give your photographer a list of photos you definitely want – you can be creative here! Think about the one you will frame and show your grandchildren. Also if you have spent time on little details make sure your photographer knows what they are. I have heard complaints countless times of photographers missing little details.

Check with the venue about their rules for confetti – where and what you are allowed to throw.

Make wedding appointments fun – ask the supplier you are meeting if there will be tea and cake. 9 times out of 10 there will be! (Don’t forget to ask me when you visit too!)

If you buy new wedding shoes, break them in before the big day.

If the car park is small at your venue get someone to make a note of whose car is whose so it’s not a problem when someone blocks someone else in.

Assign someone you trust to look after your phone and relay messages – or get a pocket put in your dress if you’re wearing one.

If you are inviting small children leave a basket of (non-noisy!) toys at the entrance to the ceremony.

Big wedding dresses can make you very hot and can chafe – have some talcum powder on standby.

Have your engagement ring cleaned the week before your wedding.