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FOR SALE Circus Bike Man Banner


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Set-up Dimensions
Depth: 1cm
Width: 160cm
Height: 140cm

All the joys of the circus - the ringmaster with his top hat, strong man and unicyclist - come together in perfect simple symbolism on this very elegant banner. 

Our banners are a winning combination of good quality modern printing and our own trademark arty embellishments. We pick our artwork very carefully, choosing themes that complement our existing props and spend a considerable amount of time turning them into banners that are individual and unique. 

Our banner is supported by wooden poles top and bottom and hangs with a sky blue twisted silk rope finished off with tassels. The banner measures 160cm wide by 140cm tall, including the hanging rope, which contributes 35cm to the overall height. 

Our banners are happy indoors or out, but are not suitable to be left outside in the rain.