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FOR SALE Well Walloped Strongman Striker

Suitable for adults and children


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Set-up Dimensions
Depth: 70cm
Width: 30cm
Height: 214cm

Well-walloped by name and nature, this timeless fairground favourite is well used and much loved by all ages.


Standing tall at 7ft (70cm x 30cm x 214cm), this fine, freestanding, wooden specimen arrives in two pieces with instructions for an easy set up. It is excellent for use at either indoor or outdoor events. The Strongman Striker comes complete with everything needed to play. A little note: the hammer is a normal-sized, super-strong nylon one – the way this item gets bashed, a wooden mallet wouldn’t last long!


The Strongman Striker is hand painted in traditional red and yellow with custom details around the bell. The worn paint and hammered dents are perfectly authentic from previous strongman attempts, so don’t worry about hitting it too hard – it regularly gets a repaint. 

Making the fire alarm bell ring is no mean feat – it’s all in the technique, so children can compete alongside the most over-competitive adults.


The Strongman Striker is a firm favourite with those who have hired it in the past – including the cast of TOWIE, who needed a few attempts to manage a ding! 

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