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Frog Gobble Game


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Set-up Dimensions
Depth: 70cm
Width: 147cm
Height: 160cm

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Hop on over with your guests and play this curious game!  Aptly named ‘The Frog Gobble game’, this prop was born through a series of fortunate events.  Being collectors of oddities and gubbins, especially of the wooden type, it may not surprise you to find that we randomly had a few frog-framed mirrors lying around the warehouse!  This, coupled with being asked to build a set of games and props by an eclectic couple hosting the biggest wonderland wedding you can imagine, resulted in the fun, family game: Frog Gobble.  (A little bit of accidental symbolism there, especially if hired for a wedding, as “sometimes you have to kiss a few frogs to find your Prince!”)

The final design for this game came from a novelty holiday to Butlins for our chief prop designer; taking no computer, pens or paper with the intention of ‘having a rest’, imagination got the better of her and she started sketching crazy frog game ideas with a borrowed pen on the back of a cereal packet!  This design began with a chess-style board and frog faces, but, not being quite satisfied with the overall prop, the legs were added.  And the finishing touch? A fairy-tale crown of course!  Within a week of returning from a land far, far away - well, Minehead - The Frog Gobble Game became a reality.

To use, simply pop the game down as it has an a-frame and it is ready to play.  It really is as simple as that!  It comes with three beanbags which must be thrown through the frogs’ mouths to score a point. Three frogs have holes in their mouths and the forth, who looks pretty concerned, has a hole in his belly.  Our leaderboard would also be a handy addition to this game to keep those cheaters at bay!  The game is bigger than it looks in photos at 160cm high and nearly as wide at 147cm.  The stylised colour design has been hand-painted here at The Prop Factory and this game can be used in all weather, both outdoors or indoors. 

Alongside Frog Gobble we also designed our Wonderland Croquet and a ‘This way, That way’ game to amuse and entertain guests.  These are the first in a series of themed games and you can view more wonderland themed props here.  Why not hire some Toadstool Seats  for guests to have a rest while playing?  We also have Lily-pad cushions for players to sit on the grass while they wait for their turn.  Whatever event you decide to hire this game for, we guarantee it will be a sure hit for all the family! As featured in our top 20 props of 2018, read the full blog here.