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FOR SALE CIRCUS 4ft Freestanding Wooden Letters


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Set-up Dimensions
Depth: 50cm
Width: 665cm
Height: 120cm

A fabulously oversized circus sign with wooden letters shaped in a fancy traditional font. Like many of our wooden items, this oversized sign is fashioned with a purposely vintage finish that is a little rough around the edges. The letters are hand painted in gorgeous gold and scarlet red and will definitely make a statement and set the scene for your event. The back of each letter is neatly stained plain wood. 

If you want a giant sign, but don't have the space to transport or store it, this is an ideal option as every letter is individual. Each letter measures approximately 120cm tall and up to 120cm wide, although this varies between individual letters. The entire length of the word depends on your preferred spacing - in our images above it measures 665cm from end to end including approximately 15cm space between each letter.

These lovely letters are completely weatherproof, so are equally happy inside or out. Due to their size, however, you would need to be careful in strong winds. They are freestanding and stable – supported by a hinged wooden A-frame that is permanently attached and folds flat for transportation.

Price is for the whole word (six letters).

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