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FOR SALE Freak Show Sign

Made from a reclaimed pub sign, the scroll part is the original paintwork


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Set-up Dimensions
Depth: 5cm
Width: 90cm
Height: 104cm

We have a few upcycled pub signs and this is one that we know the history of - it formerly resided at The Port Royal, Exeter. The slightly battered wood and beautiful curves of the frame show off the age and authenticity of this grand thing. Hand painted with black and white stripes and red and yellow lettering on the original scroll design, the sign looks as though it has been hastily repainted and repurposed in a waste-not-want-not style of which we thoroughly approve.

Overall, the sign measures 90cm wide by 104cm high. It is weatherproof, so suitable for use inside or outside.

As featured in our Halloween Circus blog here.