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Ball in a Bucket - time aged

Hand painted by a traditional fairground artist in Bristol


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Set-up Dimensions
Depth: 73cm
Width: 107cm
Height: 90cm

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A time-aged traditional game of skill for all ages.


One of a collection of authentic games for fetes and fairground style events, Ball in a Bucket may look easy, but actually requires a certain level of skill, not to mention luck. It is completely free standing on its own permanent a-frame and works even on uneven grassy surfaces. It is weatherproof, so you can carry on the game come rain or shine. 

The set up dimensions (to the top right) are for the game board. The a-frame is hinged for easy transportation and folds to just 10cm deep. The fold out sign measures 183cm wide by 15cm tall across the front. The game can be space to suit your requirements. It comes with everything you need to get started, including two buckets, game board, sign and three balls.


Part of a trio of traditional games hand painted by friendly gentleman chap who is disciplined in the art of traditional fairground sign writing. This game alongside our Stand the Bottle and Darts are his handy work. The targets painted in the base of the buckets entice the player to partake in this challenge – hitting target without the balls bouncing back out again. Thought the targets are somewhat raggedy after years of use, they still serve their purpose. The game is complete with an authentic folding hand-painted standalone sign to mark the point at which your guests must stand to join in. 


Ball in the Bucket is a genuine addition to a traditional summer fete theme. For all the fun of the old-fashioned fair, team perfect piece of nostalgia this with other games including our Sunshine Vintage Coconut Shy, Buzz Wire and Strongman Striker. Explore our whole range of fairground games here. 

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