22 Reasons our Light Up Letters are better than the rest!

by Carmen - Director of The Prop Factory

Wednesday 19th February 2020 11:40:31


We love our light up letters. In fact, it seems that everyone loves a light up letter - they are pretty much a staple of any prop hire company that knows their stuff. But not all light up letters are created equally. We set out to tell you the 10 reasons why we think our letters are the best but our list just kept on growing! So here's our top 22...1.Research

It took a whole 18 months of trialing different materials and suppliers before we settled on our current design. We ordered prototypes in wood, plastic and acrylic before choosing a UK-based metal part supplier. We tried all kinds of different fonts and paint finishes. Why? Because, for our fledgling props company, our first order back in 2015 was a massive commitment for us and we wanted it to be just perfect.2.Curvy

The beauty of our letters' metal casing is that we can use a 'proper' font with curves! We do love an attractive font - just see the range across our fairground props. Not for us an 'O' that looks like a rectangle with chopped-off corners. Read-ability is a big concern too. Boxy fonts can make some letters - especially 'R' and 'B' look one and the same. Serif fonts are a bit fussy. Simple but stunning curves - just right!3.Compact

Giant letters are great - if you have the space! We use a compact font that means our letters are slightly narrower than some - so you can spell longer words in a smaller space - vital for getting the whole image in shot for your photos.4.Perfect height

Not too big to be a hassle, but not so small they get lost at your event - just a good, solid four-foot of lights.

5.Perfect finish

Our letters are made from steel, which is bent round and only joined once, in a subtle place where you can't see it - no ugly joins of the kind you couldn't avoid with wood.6.Really perfect finish

We powder-coat our letters for a perfectly smooth, glossy finish. This is a technique where dry powder is blasted onto the metal and cured under heat. It leaves no brush marks or imperfections and gives a wipe clean surface - a bit like a kitchen countertop. We powder coat all over - back and front - so the letters look neat from behind as well.7.Durable

The other advantage of powder coating is how tough it is. The coating not only looks good, but is rock solid too. No amount of varnish or gloss paint would provide anything like the same protection from scratches and chips. These will really 'light up' your event!8.Strong

Pretty much dent free - there's no doubt these will stay perfect for the entirety of your event. That might sound obvious, but we have seen letters made out of cardboard, so it's not necessarily a given. 


Our letters are freestanding on permanently attached unobtrusive little metal feet. Just find them a flat surface to stand on and they are good to go.10.Upright

The metal feet make sure that our letters stand upright (not at a sloping angle like those that rely on an a-frame for support). Our carefully chosen font means that even top-heavy letters - like 'P' and 'F' stand smartly to attention. 


Our light up letters are only 10cm deep, so they can stack on top of each other in your average hatchback with the seats down. The best way to transport is to pad between them with blankets to keep them from rubbing together.12.Movable

We're not saying that four-foot tall metal letters are a doddle to move on your own - in fact our health and safety considerations advise that each letter is lifted by two people. For reasons we've already mentioned - their depth, their height and so on - they are certainly not unmanageable.


We own every letter in the alphabet - and multiples of most. Therefore there's rarely an occasion where we can't help you spell whatever you like.14.Demand

If we don't have the right letters available for your event date then, with a couple of weeks notice, we'll consider building an extra one. There's no additional charge - you'll only be billed the advertised hire rate. 

15.Other characters

We've got letters for your initials and perfect words, numbers for a special birthday or a new year party but also extra characters. If you need a star, or an ampersand we've got it covered. You can also choose '+', '£' or '#'.

16.Electrical safety

Our light up letters run on mains electricity, but we use transformers that make our letters much safer. Basically, these down rate the 240 voltage to 24 volts. They work by bleeding off the extra voltage and turning it into heat. That's why Christmas tree light plugs feel hot to touch. On a serious note, this is something that you should be checking with every supplier of every light up prop that you hire as it's not necessarily industry-standard. Without a transformer you could get a significant electric shock, especially as simpler circuits tend to hold charge even when not plugged in. If you got a shock from our letters, it would be equivalent to a tiny static shock or that from an AA battery. It goes without saying that we PAT test our lights annually.17.LED long life bulbs.

Each of our bulbs has 10,000 hours of life, so they hardly ever need to be replaced. They don't get hot all all and are much better for the environment than non-LED bulbs. 

18.Fractured light

We use a traditional fairground bulb case that fractures the light to produce a pretty twinkle effect rather than a muted glow.19.Warm glow

All our white light up letters have a very slightly warm glow. Not so much that they look yellow, but it's not a cold blue light.20.Focussed lighting

Our 3D boxed design means that light bounces back from the sides, creating the perfect letter form in the dark with no light spillage over the sides. 


No faffing around with a sliding price scale. Each letter costs exactly the same. See the up-to-date prices on our inventory here.22.Booking

Our foolproof online booking system means that you can check for yourself if the letters you want are available for your dates. Excellent customer service comes as standard. 

See our complete collection of light up props here. If you need to set up giant letters outside or somewhere that electricity isn't available, take a look at our topiary letters here.

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