Summer Boho Vibes

by Carys - Stylist for The Prop Factory

Thursday 19th March 2020 08:32:28


Boho styling allegedly got started around 2005 when celebs tried to combine the necessities of very wet Glastonbury with their customary festival wear - who can forget the iconic image of Kate Moss in a waistcoat, short shorts and a very muddy pair of Hunter wellies? This brand of 'dressed down chic' was quick to catch on - not only with fashion but in home decor too. The return to favour of 1970s-inspired dreamcatchers and macrame style wall hangings opened up into a theme itself with weddings being its first big break! 

Boho was classically known as white-washed colours, mixed cream textures, natural finishes and a simple-to-create look but, as theme do, it's grown and you can now have whatever take on boho you like - from white boho, classic boho, bright boho, to colourful boho. The decoration pieces remain similar but the colours can be played around to suit any event. We soon caught onto this creating our giant colourful dreamcatchers as a lovely alternative to our dreamy white giant boho dreamcatchers!

We launched our first dreamcatchers in 2018 along with our macrame hanging backdrop. These fit in beautifully with the original boho look and have been popular with weddings ever since. We created a white boho styled shoot to inspire our customers when this theme was at its peak. The images can be found across our website within our boho product ranges.

As there are so many variations on the boho theme, we also created a summer boho picnic styled shoot with a 70s twist. Our model was a lovely work experience student - it worked out so well, and was actually her second time modelling for us - the first being the white boho shoot! The thinking behind our boho picnic originated from some new props that we wanted to showcase. The giant gerberas were one of the main features and their bright colours, especially in orange, have a distinctly 1970s vibe about them. They were in their beginning stage here and have since grown in height!I created multiple areas to reflect this theme all around the grounds of a local vineyard. One of the rows between the vines is often used as an aisle and I dressed it with our crochet triangle bunting hung from cream and white bunting poles nestled into the vines and colourful giant gerberas lining the path.

I also created a styled area for bridal photos in a narrow row of vines. The gerberas added a pop of colour surrounding our model Paula who was sitting amongst the vines.

I laid a Turkish rug on the grass, bringing the indoors outside. Boho has a rawness to it which the photographer captured perfectly in this shoot, even capturing details of Paula's feet in jewelled sandals with toes amongst the grass and on our rug.

The main area for picnic style event seating is where the 70s vibe really came into play. We created the low tables using vintage wooden drinks crates with a rustic barrel topper sat on top. The height was perfect for a crossed legged picnic. Knitted floor cushions and blanket batches are the perfect picnic accompaniment - you can sit on them during the day and then use them for warmth as the sun sets on your event. The natural woven seats (of which we have 14, by the way) are a must-have for a boho style event indoor or outdoor.

We continued the 1970s vibe with our choice of decor on the picnic table. That's the lovely thing about our furniture: it can be dressed in whatever theme and still suit! I used some folded Turkish rugs as a runner and added details such as some brass candlesticks with orange dinner candles, a retro style clock which we found in Director Carmen's knick-knack box and some brass vases filled with dried and faux flowers.Top tip: don't leave candles out in the sun on a shoot, these started to mis-shape and melt quite quickly, so always place your candles on the set or at the event just before you need to use them.The faux flowers that we handily had spare at the warehouse seemed so fitting for the colour palette. We had some very 70s patterned crochet doilies too, which we scattered along the table top to make a great flat lay background for stationery photographs.You could also use these to serve picnic treats or as an extra seat for your guests. We had a new large woven urn which we hadn't quite found a place for and filled it with orange foliage - this was the ideal setting for it! 

The wild flower bouquet was one of my favourite parts of the shoot. I love flowers! The colours suited the vibrance of the day and, against Paula's vintage lace dress and headband, they popped beautifully.

The stationery picked out the colours of the wild flowers and also the slightly 1970s vibe.

As a final nod to boho we layered our model's dress with a slouchy beaded belt.And there we have it - a happy, hippy, beautifully boho picnic in the sun - just fabulous!

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Cake - Claire's Sweet Temptations

Accessories - The Lucky Sixpence

Dress - Days of Grace

Stationery - Hip Hip Hooray

Hair - Carys Leaman

MUA - Paula Ballent

Photographer - Miss Imagination Photography

Florist - Pumpkin & Pie

Model - Paula Ballent

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