Harry Potter Table Styling

by Carmen - Director of The Prop Factory

Thursday 11th October 2018 19:40:00


A short and sweet post as this spellbinding styling is simple but effective. No fake wands, broom stick or capes needed to make it magical.

To create this Harry Potter themed feast we placed a great load of Brass Candelabras and brass candlesticks on to a banquet table. Then we added off white tapered candles (just a note - allow a good deal of time to light the candles!). If you don't have a banquet table you can use several of our Farmhouse Trestle Tables popped together in an elegant line alongside our accompanying benches.

For the plates and cutlery we chose simple white with gold chargers and burgundy napkins.

The cushions shown are our Embroidered Rectangle Floor Cushions, and while these look lovely in a photo they are a tad impractical for dining as they make the diner too high - I thought that notable to mention in case you fancied copying this look.

The setting is Dartington Hall, which lends itself perfectly to recreating this Hogwarts scene. If you have a different style venue then fear not, a Harry Potter banquet is still possible but might require a few more dressing props, or even a backdrop. Have a look at our other Harry Potter props by clicking here.