Pastels, Whites & Brights

by Carys - Stylist for The Prop Factory

Friday 12th July 2019 09:10:03


Whilst casually discussing new props - and our Director, Carmen's ideas for pastel-hued dreamcatchers - we realised just how much we like to create the same props over again in three colourways - pastels, brights and rustic whites. I'm not sure if this is because we fall in love with a prop idea so much that we want to create three versions of it, or our natural desire to want our favourite props to please everyone's colour preference and theme. Maybe it's a happy combination of both? I had fun looking back over our inventory and picking out some of those products that give you that choice. 

Giant dreamcatchers

Our gorgeous giant handmade dreamcatchers already come as boho whites and colourful options and we are already working on pastel - or should we say 'unicorn' - versions. The white and cream boho dreamcatchers were created using beautiful vintage doilies that we collected. Carmen took them home and worked on them as a therapeutic project, as seen below in her living room!

All with lovely floaty trains to catch the wind. Carmen added wooden beads and natural-toned feathers to the tasselled details that hang halfway around the outside and create the iconic and dreamy shape.

These lovely things were used in a shoot last year at Ashridge Court Farm and were even featured on the front cover of Wed magazine. They are really are gorgeous and, up close, you can see all the tiny details - lace, pearls and ribbons. It's not surprising that they are super popular with weddings and events, especially when they are hung in trees or used alongside our similar toned macrame hanging backdrop and boho ceiling hanging

Next up are the colourful dreamcatchers. We started with the pretty prints on sheer fabric that you can see in the middle, and created the dreamcatcher rings around them. The frames were wrapped in odds and ends of wool across a rainbow spectrum of colours and then the centres stretched inside to give the illusion of a traditional dreamcatcher.

These are more robust for regular hires as they can be wiped clean without the risk of them mis-shaping. The most fun in making these beauties was attaching all the mismatched ribbons, tassels, bright feathers and even braided wool. They look fab with our colourful crochet blankets and knitted floor cushions on a grassy field in summertime - conjuring up a relaxed hippy vibe. A recent photoshoot by Peagreen events featured them in this exact setting.

And next to come. . . dreamy pastel unicorn dreamcatchers. We have one made as a prototype but watch this space. With pastel-coloured rainbow wool edging and vintage ribbon details I can imagine these hung up at a pretty pink and glitter birthday party. Or at Carmen's new Wonderstuff shop at Exeter's Vintage Trading Post. Be the first to buy one. 

Ribbon bunting 

When it comes to ribbon bunting we have lengths and lengths of it here at the Prop Factory HQ in almost every colour invented. Our range covers white and cream, festival, pastel and unicorn mane (yes, this is as delightful as it sounds). The four colourways mean we can provide bunting to suit most themes from a traditional and elegant wedding to a carnival circus birthday.

Our most popular bunting is festival inspired and comes in mixed hues of saturated brights. We have a whopping 116 lengths of this bunting. That's 580 metres worth - more than enough for most events. This bunting hangs perfectly on our circus bunting poles or wooden bunting poles and is a clever way of tying a theme together. Fluttering above our funfair themed garden games - such as hook a duck, ring toss, strongman striker and splat a rat - it defines the area and make a picture perfect display.

We have 75 metres of pastel ribbon bunting. It looks 'oh so pretty' at a garden party hung between white shabby bunting poles and beautifully complements our pink sofas, topiary letters, topiary heart & topiary teapot. It's all very summer Wimbledon garden party-esque with a hint towards the magic of Alice in Wonderland. Why not serve up some pink lemonade too with our yummy new pink lemonade stand?

Our white and cream bunting stays true to its original purpose and that's weddings. This ribbon lines a ceremony aisle beautifully and can adorn the inside of a marquee for something extra special. It looks very heavenly hung near our giant Illuminated White LOVE letters,

outside with our white shabby chic LOVE letters or mixed in with our white doily bunting for a more vintage styling. How about adding in our vintage white bird cage cake stand to finish off the look?

Wooden folding chairs

Need chairs for your event? How does creating a rainbow of seating for 250 in pastel coloured chairs sound?

Or a laid back elegant ceremony for 70 people with white wooden chairs tied with pretty flowers? For a classic and rustic village fayre look try our natural vintage wooden folding chairs for 140 people to sit and tuck into a hog roast. 


We have been collecting chairs for the past seven years and always ensure each one we 'rescue' is cleaned up and painted perfectly for your party. We have covered all three colourways with our wooden folding chairs and they never fail to look suitable whatever the theme. We hire them just as they are, but you can easily dress them up with flowers, ribbons or drapes. They all fit with our farmhouse tables in wood or white and seat eight people comfortably - or 10 if you are happy to be a bit more snug.

Pom-pom backdrop 

Our pom-pom backdrops are a delight for a fun festival-style photo opportunity or as a quirky wedding ceremony background. Each backdrop is handmade in our workshop, using thousands of pom-poms which are also handmade by us - we have some pretty serious pom-pom skills going on.

We spent nearly a whole week sitting outside our warehouse making and attaching them last summer. Luckily the weather was pretty lovely and so we worked on it for hours and hours. We set up a table which became a pom pom station for all to get involved with. The door mat (if you've spotted it) we used to fluff up the pom poms once they were made. Bizarre technique really but very effective!

Right now these come in two colour options - the festival bright pom-pom backdrop and the pastel pom-pom backdrop. These both look great at festival style events and could even be used as a backdrop for your cake photograph - as seen in this photo from a spring brights shoot we did. We do have aspirations for a third colourway and the weather is looking great again, so watch this space for us heading back outside to make a fluffy natural cloud-like one.

So there you have it - a selection of props which we just couldn't resist duplicating in a rainbow of colours. 

We've handily listed all of our pastels, whites and brights props in one place. Click here to see them.

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