25 days of Giant Elf on a Shelf mischief!

by Carys - Stylist for The Prop Factory

Friday 27th December 2019 10:26:51


Our giant elf on a shelf was once just an idea which got the team here at The Prop Factory very excited for Christmas to arrive. The well-known mischievous little elf on a shelf ideas are all over social media with mums and dads sharing their creative ideas to amaze their children and bring the magic of Christmas to life, but how well would a giant one go down? 

We decided to build a giant elf on a shelf to be hired out for Christmas events across the UK. He's life-size and so is the perfect selfie buddy who's sure to get your guests talking! He was so popular with the team in our warehouse that we actually built him twice - twin elves! After a few prototypes our clever prop makers came up with a design that gave him movable arms and legs so you can change his position around. Sitting down is his comfortable place and needs no support. Standing is a little bit more tricky as he can't support himself, so would need to be propped up and secured but his elf slippers keep him upright just fine! 

Elf mischief started on December 1st with us creating a daily advent watching our elf get up to all sorts of mischief in our warehouse of wonders. The photo opportunities are endless - as you can imagine with so many props surrounding him! I thought we'd take a look back at his antics leading up to Christmas day and inspire you to invite him to your Christmas parties next year.

December 1st - Clowning around in the warehouse with some of our fabulous circus props.

December 2nd - Storytime with some lovely giant teddy bears in the warehouse.

December 3rd - Our elf on the road helping out with some festive prop deliveries.

December 4th - A busy elf creating mess and sewing some Christmas hats in our workshop.

December 5th - Our giant elf is literally on a shelf amongst our sofa collection in the warehouse.

December 6th - A busy office needs an extra pair of elf hands.

December 7th - Our giant elf having fun with some equally giant props.

December 8th - Our elf looking cagy hiding amongst some orders ready for collection.

December 9th - We found our elf having a crazy Christmas party for one.

December 10th - An elf doing what he does best... making toy props in our workshop.

December 11th - Elfie making plans for his next holiday with a giant 2D globe.

December 12th - Someone's taking an elf nap on our soft velvet Emily sofa.

December 13th - Did you know our elf had a twin? Both for sale on our ebay shop!

December 14th - Our elf has his eyes on the mince pies... yum!

December 15th - Spray paint Sunday, our elf is giving our wooden rainbow chairs a refresh.

December 16th - Our Elf found himself some new russian doll friends in the warehouse.

December 17th - Wanted! Have you seen our elf?

December 18th - Have you sent all your Christmas cards, we found our elf writing his to Santa.December 19th - Our naughty Elf caught feeding a panther in a circus lion cage!

December 20th - Spot our elf up to mischief in the warehouse stealing the prop makers boots!

December 21st - An elfie selfie in our crazy mirrors.

December 22nd - A bit of a mess made with the paints today, a few last minute toys being made for Christmas!

December 23rd - An excited elf peeping through our giant keyhole. . .upside down of course!

December 24th - Sliding into Christmas day on our wooden vintage sledge!

December 25th - Merry Christmas from the Prop Factory team!See all the props our elf loves together in one place here

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