Bubblegum Candy Floss Styling

by Carmen - Director of The Prop Factory

Thursday 18th October 2018 20:07:37


This is one sweeeeet blog post where you'll find out how to make a candy floss arch! A little snippet of yummy fun in pinks and blues.

This set up was styled by myself and Carys at Carbis Bay Hotel, and to be really honest we were pretty pleased to pull it off.

When we were given the theme of 'bright and bold' with touches of Rococo by Hazel Parsons, wedding and events planner based in Ye' old Cornwall-shire, we were a little challenged to say the least. Not by the theme, but how to marry it with the setting.

Having not worked at Carbis Bay, but having met the events organiser who described the venue, we had styling visions of romantic white boho, barefoot on the beach, pretty chic chilled vibes. So....bright and bold didn't fit into our styling vision!

It took some time for us to commit to this theme, and we managed to make it work in the end. Although even on the day the dark grey walls and tiled pattern wallpaper were giving us doubts!

So here is the result of the shoot, with images by Verity Westcott, make-up by the Carbis Bay Spa, HairbyEmmaC, dress by Christine Trewinnard Couture, cake by Claire's Sweet Temptations and balloons by Ballooning Buds & Bows

A few select sweet and candy props with not too much of a mix of colours, and our Pink Emily Sofa and Pink Emily Stool are featured above. Fluffy rugs were bought especially for this shoot, and although a small detail I think it really helped as it softened the dark and mighty floor.

I forget how HUGE this Sweets Sign is! For our table displays we used three complimentary tables - our Turquoise Round Sweet Side Table, Turquoise and Pink Dressing Table and Turquoise Round Side Table. All the turquoise and pink tables we have for hire at the time of writing this blog.

The pink table "bubbles" are Christmas baubles and children's ball-pit balls sprayed candy pink, then wire poked through and added to an oasis.

All the candy floss "fluff" is a cheap duvet we ripped apart - more practical and a whole lot cheaper than cotton wool or real candy floss. And as we are eco friendly we haven't disposed of our bag of fluff, but have been using it for styling post shoot (if you don't believe me check our our Halloween Circus styling and see what our bags of candy floss are made of...)

It's sooooo fluffy! The cloud arch finale!

We made this using our Cream Metal Arch as the base, which we covered in clingfilm to make it a solid shape (this requires at least two people).

Then we used our duvet trick to make fluff - you can buy double duvets for less than £5 - we used two for this arch but I would advise three to be extra safe and have some fluff left over to play styling with.

We sprayed the clingfilm with spray contact adhesive then gently pressed patches of fluff on. You might need gloves because as soon as the adhesive touches your fingers you become Edward Cloud Hands for the day!

To add a bit of depth to the clouds we then sprayed them with baby pink sugar spray paint (the most eco spray paint you can get). A can won't get you far as the fake floss sucks it up like a sponge but two cans will make for some nice two tone colour definition. Any cloud left can be used as props or to make a fluffy floor.

Happy cloud arch making!

If you would like to use props featured in this shoot, you have find a list of them here.

Below is the original moodboard.

Carmen x

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