Looks good enough to eat!

by Carys - Stylist for The Prop Factory

Thursday 25th July 2019 10:49:24


A recent customer enquiry led me to rediscover some of the yummiest props here on our shelves in the Prop Factory warehouse. From cake slice side tables to giant lollipops we have props to wow your guests and leave them licking their lips. Expect to find everything from swirling gum drop patterns to a ridiculously realistic cream edging on our chocolate cake pouffe. 

The great thing about these props is that they look delicious as a one-off pieces that are sure to be a talking point, but they also complement each other fabulously. For a themed party, I'm thinking sweeties, chocolate, Willy Wonka, Candy Land, Honeydukes, from Harry Potter's world. . . I'm sure you can come up with more.

Our giant lollipops are straight out of Willy Wonka. We have four of these oversized treats - two in candy pink and white and in two juicy orange and white swirls. Each has a cellophane wrapper just like a real lolly. This not only protects the gorgeous paintwork but makes them look good enough lick (please don't, they won't taste good!).

Standing at a magnificent 173cm tall, their striped wooden lolly stick pole is 'planted' in a weighted base - also decorated with sweeties - so you can move them wherever you like.

They look truly scrumptious alongside our confectionery stands for a properly impressive sweetie bar or go full Willy Wonka and also hire our twisted candy cane plant, hot pink everlasting gobstopper trees - which are studded with little felt 'sweets' that we handmade in our workshop - and red and white candy swirl trees.

Our freestanding sweets sign is just the thing to bring the sweetie theme together. With a background that most closely resembles the colour of parma violets (remember those?) this sign is a bit 'explosion in a candy store'. It's a sugar-coated giant of a sign - measuring 175cm wide - studded with tasty looking gobstoppers and tempting candy swirls.

Back in 2018 we put it together with our turquoise round sweet side table and turquoise and pink dressing table for a bubblegum and candy floss themed photoshoot. You can see the results of that in the blog of the shoot. We even made a candy floss cloud arch!

If you're tempted to expand the theme a bit more, how about the rhubarb and custard swirl stool, candy floss tabletop sign or a vintage candy bowl or two?

And onto teatime treats...

Our mouth-watering jam tart floor seat looks good enough to eat and is a surprisingly comfortable perch. Alice in Wonderland is an amazing source of inspiration for our prop makers and this sweet treat is an appetising addition to any Mad Hatter's tea party.

Style it with the Hatter's chair and giant top hat chalkboard and, just in case anyone is in any doubt, our psychedelic Wonderland cake sign. For a more genteel afternoon tea and cake, we have two giant teapot chalkboards and a selection of vintage sofas and chairs to set the scene, not to mention our chocolate inspired furnishings.

Anyone for a slice of cake? Our chocolate cake slice table is generous wedge of deliciousness that came out of a flurry of chocolate inspired prop making. We have two available and, despite their quirkiness they look decidedly rich and decadent alongside our traditional vintage chocolate furniture.

Finally, the quirkiness continues in one of my favourite props in this collection - the chocolate cake pouffe. Styled as a layer cake oozing with cream, surely you can't possibly use something as tasty as this without feeling it's time for a little indulgence yourself! More tea, anyone?

If you cant' find some of these delicious props on our hire page they may well be listed for sale on our Ebay store here.

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