It's Competition Time!!

by Carmen - Director of The Prop Factory

Friday 16th August 2019 09:21:32


Dreaming of a Pinterest perfect party? 

Want a wedding to wow your guests? 

Worried about the cost or not quite sure how to make your look come together? Well fear not, you could WIN expert visual planning from our in-house stylist plus £1000 of free prop hire. 

Read on for more information and why we think this could even become a monthly competition. 

If you are a fan of our Instagram then you’ll know we put huge effort into creating inspirational photos. So much so that we have a full-time stylist, Carys, whose job is just that - organising styled shoots.

A styled shoot takes weeks of planning, coordinating suppliers, choosing props and even making new props to perfect the look. So much thought, love and time goes into every photo shoot. 

If you've read any of our 'behind the scenes' blogs - you'll know the lengths we go to. The only trouble is... the beautiful sets we create usually only exist for a matter of hours before our exhausted stylist and her assistants hurriedly pack everything back in the van to return to the warehouse. Only the photographer and a few select others ever get to witness the set in person. We've often stood back, admired our finished set, and wished it could get the use it deserves. 

Our logic with this competition is... if we style an area of your event, party or wedding just as we would for a photo shoot, we have the chance to take the shots we need, and you and your guests get to enjoy the set up at a real event - that's a win win in our eyes!

So we're going to give this idea a trial run in the form of a competition. 

We need to know a bit more about the event you're planning so, to enter, please briefly answer the following questions:




Theme/decor ideas: 

Vision for the day, what props do you think would work well? :

Please email with your answers before the competition closing date of 1st October 2019. 

The entries will be judged by our stylist and director. They will be looking for a good strong theme that would be a good fit with our current or new products and where the outcome will truly enhance your vision and your day. 

We hope if the first free styling and prop hire competition works out well then maybe we could do it more often, even monthly, as it would be such a lovely thing to do.

There are of course a few rules to this arrangement to make it agreeable for both parties. Below are the terms of the shoot:

  • We must have access to your venue the day before your event from 09:00 at the latest.
  •  If the delivery location is over 100 miles from our warehouse base at EX2 8NY, then an extra mileage will be charged at 60p for every mile after the 100 miles. Venue must be within the UK.
  • The £1000 of hire items will be chosen by us. The props used might be subject to change. This will be at our discretion.
  •  We must be allowed vehicle access within 10 meters of the venue.
  • We will be allowed to bring our own photographer and have usage rights over the images.
  • You must be responsible for making sure the venue is amenable to this arrangement.
  • We may bring models and additional suppliers for the day whose work will not be part of the free styling and props arrangement.
  • We require access to basic amenities throughout the set up day such as toilets, running water and electricity.
  • In any publications, blogs or public places where our work appears as a result of a submission from yourself, our work must be credited to The Prop Factory.
  • If you cancel this agreement 10 days or less before the event you will be charged a £120+vat admin fee.
  • We will require a £200 deposit, fully refundable upon safe return of the props.
  • We will be responsible for delivery, set up and collecting the props. You will be responsible for the packing away of props prior to them being collected. 
  • All our props come with a standard risk assessment. Site specific risk assessments must be carried out by yourself if applicable. 

Standard hire t&c apply when the items are on loan to you. You will be fully liable for the props during your event and any losses or breakages must be paid for by you. 

'This is such an exciting competition to be running and something completely different to what we've done previously! I really look forward working with the winner to create some amazing party decor ideas.' Carys - stylist.

Good Luck!

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