Let's Celebrate the Roaring Twenties!

by Carys - Stylist for The Prop Factory

Thursday 28th November 2019 15:54:47


A heads up...Most of the props listed below are now for sale or have been sold. Check out more of our items on our ebay store and keep on reading for some 1920's party inspo! : )

With New Year's Day only four weeks away, the party season is in full swing and there is only one theme which everyone is looking to recreate to welcome 2020. It seems so fitting, 100 years on, to be looking back a century to the glittering 1920s.

It's probably fair to say that a lot of our images of a decadent 1920s party come from the big screen. Think of the Great Gatsby with its ostentatious opulence, jazz, the black and gold geometric styling of art deco, flapper girls chopping their hair into bobs and dancing the Charleston - the 1920s is often portrayed as a non-stop party!

We've been slowly building a collection of 1920s props for a while now - old-fashioned gramophones with oversized gold horns, a gold-framed flapper lounge sign that stands on quirky flamingo feet and glamorous velvet chaise longues. But with our eyes always looking to future trends, we anticipated that this would be the year when the theme really comes into its own. We've been increasing our creative collection with some gorgeous pieces - both made and reclaimed - that we know will be popular and are already starting to be booked for the party season.The first new prop was inspired by a 1920s style shoot that I created at Exeter Castle earlier on in the year in collaboration Erin Cox Jewellery. Whilst making a set for the models to showcase a new collection of jewellery, I planned a small catalogue of inspiration to share with our customers using our 1920s props. The only thing missing to complete this look was a backdrop. As a stylist I'm used to working with what I've got, so I made a structure from bunting poles with cable ties to secure them. I then added multiple fabrics to dress the wooden frame, tacking them up using a staple gun.The fabric was scavenged from scraps we found in our creative library, layered and embellished with tassels and gold beads. Once in place and styled with our furniture it seemed very desirable and so the idea was born to build a version to hire.We have a selection of backdrops and screens in various styles, which are a fabulous solution if your venue doesn't match the look you want to create.Still in the making as we speak, but ready to hire for New Year, are our new Midnight Stars Backdrop and Gold Sequin and Blue Velvet Freestanding Curtain. They'll be the perfect background for some amazing 1920s style photos!

Furniture-wise, we have an excellent range that, whilst it might not legitimately be 1920s, most definitely has the right feel. Our classic chaise longues in pink and camel with fringed detailing always spark a lot of interest for this style of party.Or, on a bolder note, our mustard tub chairs sit well amongst the glitter and gold and are a perfect add-on for your seating area. Our ornate gold columns and side tables are a must for this theme. The columns are tall and luxurious with hooks attached for draping fabric between them. We have four available so perfect for using to cover spaces within a venue that you may want to hide (note: no fabric is included with the column hire).Our copper industrial tripod table and tall and small Gatsby side tables all have the black and gold styling so synonymous with the 1920s. Our Gatsby-inspired furniture is particularly unique - it's a crazy combination of upcycled bits and pieces: piano stool legs, a floor lamp stem and the table top from a vintage telephone table. I dressed them with our small onyx lamps with marble bases and blush pink fringed lampshades. These are one of our smallest props to hire but very pretty.We also have gold floor lamps if you need something a little larger. Our lamps are props only - they don't turn on, but do look super cosy.The space I created could be hired all together to create a really lovely photo booth for your guests. Although we have the furniture available to dress larger spaces, I loved clustering the theme tightly together to create a square shot that appears as if you have stepped back in time. Vintage rugs bring the floor into the set and our range of faux plants gave it all a pop of life. We also used our new and very unique eye wall hangings with beaded detail and fringing to hang from the columns and towering oriental bird cage. These are very art deco in style and bring a lovely depth to the set.With smaller photo booth style setups it's important to add details like this so the images captured are immersive and really shout your party theme. Otherwise what's the point?There are plenty more props that I didn't manage to use for this photoshoot that would be perfect for a 1920s party. Our giant gold frame would make for some fun photo opportunities for your guests, especially in front of one of our new backdrops or with a rose gold sequin or emerald green and gold screen at the back.New to our shelves are a giant gold vintage bird cage, huge brass ornamental teapot and gold hanging stars which would suit this theme perfectly too. Or, to give it a tropical Gatsby style, why not hire our two gold palm trees or artificial (but incredibly real looking) tall palm trees.

See all the props from this blog in one place here or take a look at our full 1920s range here and have fun planning your 2020 event! 

Decorative closeups and model photo's by - Tara Statton Photography

Carys x

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