My Lifetime Adventure

by Carmen

Monday 12th February 2018 09:17:05


My First Blog Post 

For a long time I've wanted to write blog posts. But I find myself asking what on earth do I write about? I've always thought as a blogger you must stick to a certain area of interest to build a fan base that are genuinely interested in what you have to say. And also that you must keep it consistent, relevant and fresh. This perplexed my chaotic mind. As I love so many things, there is no rhythm to my life and ideas. My life song is so very noisy. 

Also who do I write about - me or the company? If I write about me then it would be odd if someone else took over the blog at a later date. If I write about the company will it be boring and impersonal? 

I have thought about the content for so long, it's now 6 years since I started the company and I haven't written down a sausage! I also thought that maybe I wasn't that good at writing. But I'm not going to worry about it, it's time for my first blog post and it's about me and about the company. We are one and the same. The Prop Factory is my brainchild. I love it and feel this is my job for life, which I think is pretty rare these days. The thought of running the company for 60 plus years fills me with excitement! What will happen in that time? I've only had it for 6 years so it's only just started and it's been exciting so far. It is a lifelong undertaking. My children will inherit the company, and they will ruddy well look after it! 

The Prop Factory is my permanent adventure. Everything I do brings me back to the company. I go out and find some pretty things, unique things and odd things and bring inspiration back to work. I have ideas in the middle of the night, when someone is talking to me, when I'm watching TV... whatever I'm doing I'm thinking about ideas. I find abandoned bits of wood and see the potential for them to be made into exciting props. I comb car boot sales, junk shops, skips and recycling centres looking for furniture to give a new lease of life. I draw, write and scribble things down wherever I am. I save pins, take photos, cut up magazines, screenshot things, buy books, collect trinkets and material! 

I don't ever imagine not having The Prop Factory; it would be like completely changing my life. So my blog posts are about my life and the life of The Prop Factory.

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