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Rustic Half Barrel

Nearly water tight, but we can't 100% guarantee no leaks!


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Set-up Dimensions
Depth: 62cm
Width: 62cm
Height: 38cm

*Up to 4 days hire
*UK wide delivery available. Minimum hire charges apply

This item will be FOR SALE in January 2022. To enquire about purchasing this item, please email sales@propfactory.co.uk. In the meantime, this item is still available to hire.

These rustic wooden barrels are perfect for dotting around an event and come in very useful – if you're having an outdoors event but there is a good chance of rain, leave umbrellas for your guests to borrow, or place them around your dance floor full of flip flops, so your female guests can kick off their heels and exchange them for a bit of comfort!

The beautifully weathered wood makes these barrels really pretty, so why not fill them with bouquets of flowers, or flip the barrel over and use it to display your cake.