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5ft Topiary Teapot

We call this a 'treepot'


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Set-up Dimensions
Depth: 30cm
Width: 126cm
Height: 156cm

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We really, really wanted to call this a ‘treepot’, but then thought no-one would think to search for something so bespoke, so here we have our in-house crafted Topiary Teapot!  To make this more of a Mad Hatter’s prop and to create a sweet dotty delight, decorate with lollipops or strange flowers; the lollipops will poke right through the hedge mesh so that the sweet top sits neatly nestled within the leaves.  The same applies with strange flowers: if they have a stem they’ll slot right in too…the colour and style is up to you!

For more of an English garden look, add some white wicker furniture, cottage cushions and pretty white tables to make a seating area alongside topiary and blossom trees. Our trellis arch would also make a delightful entrance for this look.  If you are after a more unusual theme why not try Edward Scissorhands?  The Tim Burton film, about an artificial man who has scissors instead of hands, would be an excellent match as he was very good at topiary! If you fancy a garden that looks like Edward’s at your event then have a look at our whole topiary range here. 

Unlike the bunny bushes this topiary teapot is 3D - well semi-3D - as from the side it is a fully formed teapot measuring 126cm.  From the front to the back it is more of a teapot on a diet measuring 30cm!  At 156cm tall there’s no doubt you’ll be able to see this focal point from afar.  The teapot is quite light despite its size, so wouldn’t fair well in strong winds. However it is fine in rain and sunshine!

Three main themes to create a match made in heaven with this prop are, of course, Alice in Wonderland, English country garden and an enchanted wonderland.  You can really get creative by combining our topiary teapot with giant flowers, giant toadstools, a wonderland arch  and all manner of enchanted oddities.  To explore more of our enchanted props click here.