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FOR SALE CIRCUS Letter Lights 4ft

The larger of our two sets of illuminated circus lights


£1200.00 (ex VAT)*
£1440.00 (inc VAT)*

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Set-up Dimensions
Depth: 10cm
Width: 530cm
Height: 120cm

*Up to 4 days hire
*UK wide delivery available. Minimum hire charges apply

This spectacular 3D CIRCUS sign is created in a fancy font, far more flamboyant than our rather elegant giant white individual letters. It is set in red gloss powder-coated metal inset with enticing multi-coloured lights. 

The fabulously extravagant lights are freestanding so need no extra support, simply place them on a flat standing surface. Due to their use of mains electric, they are suitable for indoor use only.

Each of the light up letters has one 24volt plug supplied. Two four-gang extension leads are also supplied that just need a normal plug socket to be supplied with power. The plug length is 1 meter, plus the four-gang is also 1 meter so for longer distances you might need to supply your own extension. All light up letters are PAT tested at least twice a year and carry the PASS label and date on their plugs. Each letter has a transformer, so the voltage is massively stepped down meaning the electricity flowing through them is equivalent to fairy lights so carries no electrocution risk or risk of them getting too hot. They still shine super bright! 

Each individual letter measures approximately 120cm tall and 10cm deep. The entire length of the word depends on your preferred spacing but with pretty close spacing it would be approximately 530cm long.

Price is for the whole word (six letters).

These lights stand at approximately 4ft tall. We also have smaller sets of 3ft lights here