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Gingerbread House Concertina Panels (x4)


£212.50 (ex VAT)*
£255.00 (inc VAT)*

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Set-up Dimensions
Depth: 6cm
Width: 780cm
Height: 227cm

*Up to 4 days hire
*UK wide delivery available. Minimum hire charges apply

A set of four freestanding panels that look good enough to eat. The perfect Christmas backdrop, our panels are festooned with foam sweeties 'iced' onto a gingerbread house print. Ideal for any venue where you can't attach items to the wall, our panels are a freestanding alternative.

Each panel is individual and a slightly different size and shape. Set up dimensions (top They are constructed of blackout fabric on a lightweight wooden frame, so are surprisingly easy to lift and maneuver. A single person can carry one panel but it takes two people to set them up as one panel needs holding while the other is lowered over the loop and eye mechanism.

The panels have been engineered to be freestanding by supporting each other in a concertina structure. Every panel has two loops on the left hand side and a corresponding pair of hooks on the right. 

Due to their size, these panels do need a bit of special attention for safety reasons. We recommend the following:

- Not for use outdoors. Must only be used indoors on a flat floor. Not suitable for floors such as marquee matting, cobbled floors or uneven barn floors.

- Must be kept away from strong drafts, i.e open windows and doors.

- For stability, all four panels should be used together.

- Panels should be used up against walls as a backdrop rather than in the middle of a room as a divider.

- Panels should be used in a concertina arrangement for stability. The overall length of the panels will vary depending on the angles of the concertina.

- If possible, you can tether each end panel to a heavy object for extra security - but this is at your own discretion.

Like all our props we provide an internal risk assessment, but site-specific risk assessments are down to the individual hirer.

Price is for a set of four panels.

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