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Red Cushioned Plinth

Not really sure exactly what this is but we made it. You can use it as a stool, or a cushion to display shoes or rings on


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Set-up Dimensions
Depth: 42cm
Width: 42cm
Height: 69cm

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Sometimes we set out to make a particular prop and sometimes one just grows organically from the bits and pieces we have collected over time. This is one of those. Take some fancy wooden chair legs, a carved double twist in a dark gloss finish and put it together with some fabulous fringing and a touch of velvet and you have this rather glamorous plinth. It looks to us like a stand for something of special value and with a top surface area of 42cm by 42cm this could be your wedding rings, perhaps, or a very royal crown, if you happen to have one lying around!

Like many of our props that are made from found things, you shouldn't expect this to be in perfect condition and you will see a few bumps and scrapes to the woodwork, particularly around the corners. We are happy for our furniture to be used indoors or out, but please don't leave it outside in rainy weather.