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Patchwork Pouffe Earth Colours

One off antique shop find


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Set-up Dimensions
Depth: 40cm
Width: 40cm
Height: 24cm

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This fabulously retro little gem was acquired in one of our regular antique shop rummages. A stalwart of 1960s and 70s sittings rooms the country over, it can't help but conjure up the nostalgia of perching on a pouffe at your nan's house whilst the grown ups got the 'proper' chairs.

It's fairly safe to say that this beauty has led a bit of a sheltered life. It's in beautiful condition, with barely a scuff mark to its sides. The colours are classic mid-century rich brown and cream with a muted orange hexagonal design and perfect piping around the edges.

Measuring 40cm across and 24cm tall, this is a classic footstool. If it doesn't make you want to pull on your slippers, brew a cuppa and put your feet up, we don't know what will.

Like all of our furnishings, we are happy for this fine fellow to be used inside or out, but please don't leave him out in the rain.

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